Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!

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Reason why we should not blame Nam Taehyun

Nam Taehyun is coming back. The former member of WINNER has recently formed a band named "South Club" and will release his new album in June. After releasing the album, he will hold his fan meeting event and concert in Tokyo in July.

Are you looking forward to Nam Taehyun's comeback? Well, by the way, it seems like not a few k-pop fans are blaming him for making a comeback too early, saying, "It has been only 6 months since he left WINNER and he said he had a health problem. He must be very selfish because he just didn't want to be active as a member of WINNER".

Well, what do you think? Yeah, it's true he's coming back only 6 months after he left WINNER, and it's also true that it is difficult to understand why he had to leave WINNER if he had planned to form a new band. But, here's the reason why we should not blame him.

Before leaving WINNER, Nam Taehyun had a health problem. To put it more concretely, he had a mental health problem. In this situation, YG made a quick decision on WINNER and Nam Taehyun, announcing that the agency has decided to part with Nam Taehyun. There were two reasons for it. First, YG has learned a lesson from Park Bom's case. YG couldn't make the other WINNER members wait for endless hours. Second, it had been just 2 months since Nam Taehyun stopped his activity, but it has been a long time since he became entangled in "the problem," which means YG wasn't sure that the problem will be solved soon.

By the way, what you should know is that k-pop idols are under tremendous stress. They always have to smile a bright smile in front of people, and they should keep their feelings to themselves to maintain the right image. Some idols are very good at these, but others have difficulties living as idols. Yeah, Nam Taehyun was the one who was not suitable for the job, and he suffered from a lot of mental stress. In addition, the fact that Nam Taehyun couldn't release his characterful own songs whenever he wanted made it harder for him to endure. As a YG artist, he had to always wait. When I interviewed him before he left YG, I could absolutely feel that he is more of an artist and musician than an idol star.

You know, after leaving WINNER and YG, Nam Taehyun has been expressing his thoughts and feelings very candidly through his SNS. (Even though I'm concerned about the fact that he's too aggressive against his haters and he's too confident of himself) Anyway, that's Nam Taehyun, and he is not the one who hides his feelings just like most of the k-pop idols.

So, Nam Taehyun was just different from the other WINNER members, and there was no discord among the members before Nam Taehyun left the team. He didn't leave the team because he was selfish, and the other members understood him. We should not blame someone only because he is different from the others, right?

Check out what Kang Seungyoon talked about Nam Taehyun in a recent interview. The interview was done when WINNER released "Really Really".

We wanted to be together for a long time, but he had to leave the team because of his health. When he was active as a member of our team, he had hard times. It's too bad. At first, I was really worried because he has great singing ability and there are still many fans who love him. I was worried if we lose our popularity. But, we tried our best to fill the vacancy. Especially, Jinwoo tried really hard to improve his singing skills. I'm sure we got a great outcome.

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Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!