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Is VIXX's Ken really foulmouthed?

VIXX's Ken has been embroiled in controversy due to his unsuitable words in a teaser video for "2017 VIXX Company". In the video that was released on Youtube on May 24, a camera captured a scene that Ken is holding a sketchbook with words "Mother fucker" and "Why you hit me, you son of a bitch".

Amid the growing controversy, Jelly Fish Entertainment gave a public apology, stating, "We should have deleted the scene, but it was not deleted because of our carelessness. We're sorry for the inappropriate comments. We've removed the video, and we'll try to be more careful".

Well, then, do you think the VIXX members are really foulmouthed? Were you disappointed with them because they used foul language? Let's see.

Actually, Korean teenagers are using a lot of swear words. According to a report, some teenagers use about 50 swear words every hour, while 73 percent of teenagers use at least one swear word every day. And of course, young Korean people in their early 20s use a lot of swear words too. Especially, males in their early 20s use much bad language when they're with their friends. It's some sort of cultural thing among them.

So, the VIXX members are ordinary young people too, and they use swear words in personal situations, while there are a lot of other idols who use swear words. (Of course, there are some idols who never use swear words even in personal situations) Oh, don't get me wrong. I'm not just trying to defend VIXX. They did wrong, and that's why they apologized for it. But what I want to say is that you don't need to be disappointed with them or regard them as scumbags just because they used foul language.

Like I said, it's some sort of cultural thing among Korean young males, while there are a lot of other idols who use swear words. What I want you to know is that VIXX has been doing their best as an idol star and the members know how to behave in public. Even though they made a such a mistake this time, among people in the k-pop industry, they're well known for being nice and kind to everybody.

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