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f(x) Victoria is expected to play a key role in easing the tension between Korea and China

f(x)'s Victoria is going to make a debut as a solo singer. The Chinese idol's first ever solo album will be released soon, while she has raised her fans' expectations by posting teaser images for her first solo album on her SNS. It should be great news for her fans.

By the way, the interesting thing is that not only her fans but also many people in the k-pop industry are now looking forward to her solo debut. Do you know why?

Korean artists and entertainers have had a hard time in China as the Chinese authorities imposed restrictions on Korean content in retaliation to the placement of a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) battery, while China has been one of the top consumers of Korean pop culture.

After the restrictions, some of the popular singers, such as Psy and Hwang Chiyeol, appeared on Chinese shows with their faces blurred out. In some cases, their appearances were edited out altogether. China even blocked access to newly updated clips of South Korean music and dramas on the country's online video sharing platforms. The tension between Korean and China has not been eased yet.

So, in this situation, people in the k-pop industry are expecting Victoria to play a key role in easing the tension between Korea and China. You know, the Chinese female idol has been gaining great popularity in China, and there is a good chance that her first ever solo album will become a huge hit in the country. What people are expecting now is that the tension between Korea and China will be eased thanks to Victoria's huge success as a solo singer and Korean entertainers will be able to be actively engaged in their entertainment activities in the country as they did in the past.

Well, a lot rests on Victoria's shoulders, huh? Of course, it's a diplomatic issue and there's not much k-pop idols do, but I wish her success.

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