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Behind the scenes of REAL GOT7 Season 4

Chapter1: Speed quiz

They had a speed quiz, guessing from facial expressions.

JB, Mark and BamBam, what's so funny?

Oh, they're looking at Jinyoung, who makes zealous effort to concentrate on his acting. He's so handsome. :)

And here's the one who is too harsh on his handsome face. Cute. :)

Well, the GOT7 members are always pleasant, and that's why so many people in the k-pop industry love them.

Chapter 2: It's meal time!

There is a lot of food in the table including raw fish and chicken feet!

Jackson and Mark look so excited. :)

JB loves flatfish and BamBam likes to dip sweet and sour pork into the sauce.

Oh, Youngjae is enjoying the food too. He looks like a cute hamster.

They're having fun watching the video below. :)

Chapter 3: Mafia game

Yeah, they're ready to play the game.

Mark, a gangster citizen who wanted to be a mafia, and BamBam, a good citizen who didn't even know the game's rule. :)

JB looked very confident about the game, but...

It was finally revealed that Jackson and Youngjae were mafias. Oh, he's a very handsome mafia. :)

Oh my god, Youngjae hyung was a mafia? Yugyeom was so surprised.

Chapter 4: Free time

BamBam, Youngjae and JB visited a fortune-reading cafe!

BamBam looks a little bit nervous, huh?

Meanwhile, Jackson, Jinyoung and Yugyeom went to enjoy their meal! Here's Jackson who was busy taking a picture while he ate.

And here are Jinyoung and Yugyeom who watched Jackson with delight smile on their faces. :)

Chapter 5: Detective game

They unlocked each other's handcuffs to win the game. Can you feel their attachment towards each other? :)

In the game, Mark showed outstanding performance!

And Jinyoung was a great detective too.

Cute maknaes. :) It seems like they were hungry after playing the game so hard.

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