Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!

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ASTRO's Cha Eunwoo says his face is 97 points out of 100

Q. You made a comeback with your new mini album. How do you feel?
Yoon Sanha: It took a long time for us to make a comeback. We've prepared that much for the album, so please give us your interest and support.
MJ: I think we'll be able to show fresh and bright sides of ourselves through the album.
Cha Eunwoo: Even though it's a mini album, we prepared for our comeback with painstaking care. I hope we will show our growth through the album.

Q. It's notable that a total of 8 tracks are included in your album because mini albums usually contain 4-5 tracks.
JinJin: Well, we wanted to include a variety of our stories in our mini album. We'll release our full album after completing our mini album series.

Q. What's special about your new album?
JinJin: I think we became more manly. You know, we showed off our fresh and cute charm through our previous songs, but this time, we tried to express manliness of a clerk.
Cha Eunwoo: There is a big change of our costumes too. It's our first time to wear the same costumes on the stage. I think it makes us look more manly.

Q. What made you decide to choose "Baby" as your title track?
Moonbin: There were many options, but we chose the song as our title track because the song was both familiar and fresh.

Q. Tell me about the choreography of "Baby".
JinJin: Highlight dances are "Hello dance" and "Gentleman dance". Hello dance describes man's gesture calling a woman. And Gentleman dance describes man's gesture touching his belt and spraying perfume. Actually, Rocky took part in creating the choreography.
Rocky: Yeah, we wanted to show our manly charm this time.

Q. Eunwoo, you're dubbed "Face genius" because you are so handsome. Do you think you're handsome?
Cha Eunwoo: I feel great, but I feel embarrassed too. I hope people will call ASTRO "genius", instead of calling me "face genius". And well, I think I'm just good looking, haha.

Q. So, it's a question to all the members. On a scale of one to one hundred, how would you assess your appearance?
Cha Eunwoo: 97. Because I was born in 1997, haha.
Moonbin: Then my appearance is 98 points because I was born in 1998.
Rocky: Ok, 99 points. I was born in 1999.
JinJin: I would give 100 points.
Yoon Sanha: I would give 100.5 points.
MJ: On a scale of one to one hundred? Even 100 points is too low for my appearance, haha.

Q. What do you want to achieve through your comeback?
Yoon Sanha: Our title track includes the sound of opening a bottle of soft drink. So, I hope we will film a soft drink commercial.

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Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!