NCT DREAM shows high quality k-pop music

NCT DREAM made a comeback with its new song "The first and last" on February 9. Well, I can't say the boy group's comeback is very successful because the song didn't rank high on online music charts, while it seems like people are not much interested in the song.

But I can't say their comeback is a failure either because their music is quite impressive. Even though "The first and last" is not the type of song which can gain huge popularity among Korean listeners, the song includes well organized and fresh sounds, while the members' dance performance is awesome too. And it's remarkable that Mark, who took part in writing the rap lyrics shows a high standard of rap performance. In a word, it's high quality k-pop music.

Well, as I've posted before, some say NCT is a flop because NCT U, NCT 127 and NCT DREAM ranked poorly on online music charts and it seems like they're falling behind in the competition with young k-pop boy groups such as SEVENTEEN, iKON and more even though they belong to SM Entertainment, the biggest k-pop agency.

However, NCT's music is now winning rave reviews from people in the k-pop industry. NCT's songs including "The 7th Sense" and "Limitless" received rave reviews from many people in the k-pop industry because the songs are very unique and no other k-pop idol groups try such a music. That's many people predict that NCT will be able to rise as a popular star in the near future even though it seems like they're not so popular for now. Actually, as I mentioned before, SM is looking at the bigger picture now because the agency’s goal is not to make songs which are popular only among Korean fans but to make songs which are loved by many people all over the world. You know, SM is dreaming of ruling the world music market by producing many different NCTs who are based on various different cities.