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Lee Seung Hwan criticizes the reality of k-pop chart shows

On February 13, veteran k-pop singer Lee Seung Hwan posted a long piece of writing on Facebook. What he wanted to say was MBC's "Show! Music Core" is unfair and there is injustice regarding k-pop singers' appearance on the show.

Even though MBC disregarded us, I wonder what they'll say. Do you know why these guys couldn't appear on "Show! Music Core"? What? Only 40 managers who are managed by MBC can make their singers appear on the show? LOL These guys have been produced through your TV show "Great Birth." Yeah, you must hate me because I said such and such about their welfare. You, dickhead.

I've invested 50M KRW to help them make contracts with good agencies, and you knew that. Did you think I was foolish when I earnestly requested for just one chance? I even participated in your union rally for you, bastards. What is important for you? A promise with big k-pop agencies? Or you just hate me?

Now that I think about it, it makes me mad. I'm not your cannon fodder. I fight just for justice. Fuck it!

I expect MBC's producers will say "An old singer who has been totally immersed in a TV show is over-reacting. It didn't happen and we don't remember."

You should be surprised because there's no other singer who posts this kind of writing. That's the way I am. This is the chaos of a transition into a normality.

In 2011, Lee Seung Hwan appeared on MBC's "Great Birth" as a mentor of 3 guys in the picture above. And he gave full support to them because he really hoped they'll become popular singers. However, MBC didn't even give them a chance to appear on "Show! Music Core," and that's why Lee Seung Hwan is so mad.

Well, as I've posted before, broadcasting companies need to maintain good relations with big k-pop agencies because they need the agencies’ popular idols. So, before determining their No.1 of the week, broadcasting companies have to do a lot of thinking about it because their choice could have a strong influence on their relationship with k-pop agencies. Yeah, everything about the ranking of k-pop chart shows is closely related with the interests of broadcasting companies. All the broadcasting companies say their chart shows are so fair and unbiased, but it’s not true.

In this situation, singers of small agencies usually can't even get a chance to appear on k-pop chart shows. As there are so many singers who want to appear on the shows, broadcasting companies give preference to singers of big agencies and singers of agencies which have a close relationship with themselves. So, Lee Seung Hwan wanted to disclose this kind of injustice regarding k-pop chart shows.

Do you know what funny thing is? After Lee Seung Hwan posted the writing, very few Korean media outlets reported it because they want to maintain a good relationship with MBC, not Lee Seung Hwan.

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