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VIXX's strategy is quite successful so far despite its repeated failure on online music charts

VIXX is back. The 6-member boy group made a comeback on October 31 by releasing its new album "Kratos." However, VIXX couldn't get a very good mark on online music charts with the album. "The Closer," the title track of the album dropped out of the top ten of the charts in just one day, while it seems that songs of young and fresh girl groups such as TWICE, I.O.I and BLACKPINK are grabbing everyone's attention.

Actually, this is not the first time for VIXX to be ranked lower than expected on online charts. Even though the group has its hits such as "Voodoo doll" and "Chained up," the general public don't know about the songs because the songs were never ranked highly on online charts. That's why some say VIXX is a failed idol group and its popularity is overrated.

However, it's not true. VIXX has won No.1 trophies of a variety of music chart shows, while the group's exclusive concert was held at the Olympic Park’s Olympic Gymnastics Arena, the biggest indoor concert hall in Korea. Nobody call such a boy group a "failed idol group."

What VIXX has been doing is to try to fascinate their loyal fans, not the general public. This is a very smart strategy because boy groups should have many loyal fans to make profits. Do the general public buy idol group's album? Do they go to idol group's concert? No, never. So, in terms of money, VIXX's strategy is very effective. The group has been focusing on satisfying its fans, and that's why it could have a high record of album sales and top various music chart shows.

Then, let's see how VIXX could capture its fans' heart. VIXX has been trying a variety of conception since its debut. Yeah, other idol groups try various conceptions too but those of VIXX were very special. The members transformed into vampires through "On and On" and showed a cyborg conception when they released "Error." And through their new song "The Closer," they stress their masculine charm by wearing showy uniforms which symbolize Kratos, the personification of strength and might.

Well, the main consumers of kpop are teenagers, which means kpop contents don't need to be very artistic or profound. Instead, the contents should excite curiosity of teenagers, yeah, just like VIXX's songs. You know, VIXX has tried a variety of special conceptions which include elements of fantasy and mystery, and that's how the boy group could succeed in fascinating its teenage fans, stimulating their curiosity.

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