TWICE to appear in "Running Man" (What the girl group's appearance in the show means)

TWICE will be appearing in "Running Man."

The girl group takes part in the filming of the famous TV show which takes place in Busan from November 14-15. It is the second time for the members to appear in the show since they were invited as guests to it last June.

Actually, TWICE's appearance in "Running Man" means a lot because it is uncommon that a single girl group is invited to the show, one of the most popular entertainment programs in Korea, while it is also uncommon that a single girl group makes a guest appearance on the show twice. "Running Man" doesn't invite just anyone.

It means TWICE is that much popular. The girl group is now leading the kpop world, and it is expected that the the team, who has made consecutive hits with "Cheer Up" and "TT" this year, will be able to win major awards of at various end-of-year music awards such as MAMA.

Check out what the official from "Running Man" talked about TWICE's appearance in the show.

TWICE is now absolutely causing a sensation. I'm sure all the Korean TV shows really want to cast the girl group. Even though it has been only 5 months since they appeared in "Running Man," we received lots of requests from people wanting to see the members on the show. That's why we decided to cast them again.