Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!

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Reason why SHINee makes a comeback with its ballad title track (comments from SM)

SHINee is coming back again. The boy group will release a repackage version of its 5th full album on November 15. By the way, it's notable that they chose emotional ballad song "Tell me what to do" as the title track of the album because they've been gaining great popularity with their unique dance music and outstanding live dance performance since 2008.

Well, there's a reason why SHINee decided to make a comeback with its ballad title track. Check out comments from SM.

The SHINee members have great singing ability, and they're great interpreters of emotional songs. As they're too good at dance performance, they've always chosen dance music as their title track. However, through the repackage version of the album, we wanted to show that SHINee is not only an outstanding dance group but also a very competent vocal group, which is comprised of 5 members who have very attractive voices.

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