What Sechs Kies' Successful Comeback Means

Sechs Kies was at the peak of its career in the late 90s. Just like young kpop boy groups who are popular these days, most of their fans were teenage girls. Well, about 20 years have passed since then, which means the girls are now in their 30s. Then, who do you think are the leading consumers of K-culture? Those are females in their 30s and 40s. Yeah, Sechs Kies' reunion evoked memories of the leading consumers' youth, and the group could make a very successful comeback.

Before releasing its brand new album, Sechs Kies made a contract with YG, one of the most influential and competitive kpop agencies. As a result, YG proved its great producing ability through Sechs Kies' new song.(Tablo showed his outstanding ability as a music producer again) The song, "Three Words" is a lyrical music but not an old-fashioned ballad track. And through the song, Sechs Kies deliver their true feelings to fans. If the group released a stock dance music which reminds people of its old hits, it couldn't have achieved such a big success.

Some of you might regard Sechs Kies just as an old singer, but it's very notable that they still show competitive performance as an idol group. The group has Kang Sung Hoon, who is a great singer, while Eun Ji won, who is known just as a funny entertainer to young kpop fans, is an outstanding rapper. And Kim Jae Duk is a good dancer too. They're ready to be active as a kpop star again, and it is expected that they'll make a comeback with another surprise gift soon.