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Reason why Gary leaves Running Man & his new beginning

You know, talented entertainer Gary decided to leave famous TV show "Running Man." He has shown great performance as a member of "Running Man" since 2010, while he will shoot his last show on October 31.

Announcing the news that he's going to leave the show, the production crew said, "Gary told us he wants to focus on his activities as a musician. We thank him for making great efforts as a member of Running Man." In short, he needed more time to concentrate on his career as a musician and could not help quitting "Running Man."

Well, by the way, there is a story behind it.

Gary debuted as a member of Leessang in 2002 and has achieved great musical outcomes with his partner Gil. Some of you might not know, but Gary not only is a talented entertainer but also is a very competitive hip hop musician who is loved by so many hip hop fans in Korea.

However, the situation has changed somewhat. I mean, Gary and Gil do not stick to their activities as a team any more, and they're going separate ways. It doesn't mean the relations between them have been turned for the worse or they'll never release their new album as Leessang. They're musicians of distinct individuality, and it is very natural that each member pursues their goals as musicians.

So, in this situation, Gary has been agonizing about his future and decided to leave "Running Man" because he needed to take a fresh start. After leaving the show, he will try to make a big picture of his future, while it will be a critical period for his career as a musician. One thing is certain for now is that he will spend a lot of time in studying music and make great efforts to step forward as a musician because he has a strong desire to become more competitive solo hip hop musician & producer.

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