Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!

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I.O.I talks about its last activity as a team (+ HQ photos of comeback showcase)

Q. You topped various online music charts with your new song "Very Very Very." How do you feel?
Nayoung: Actually, we didn't expect it and we just tried to do our best and enjoy our comeback. We do appreciate our fans' love, and we'll do our best in return for their love.

Q. It's notable that the song is written by Park Jin Young.
Somi: Well, as he is the representative producer of my agency, I was very nervous when I recorded the song. However, I felt great too because it was the first time for me to sing my song in front of him. He said that I'm very poor at Aegyo and I need to sing a song with more feelings.
Sejung: I met Park Jin Young for the first time when I took part in "Kpop Star" 5 years ago. When we recorded "Very Very Very," he told me that I've grown up a lot since 5 years ago. My heart was filled with pride at that time.

Q. A song written by B1A4's Jinyoung is included in the album too.
Yeonjung: Yeah, on Chuseok, he stayed up all night to work on the song with us. The recording ended at 7 am, and he had to go to film his drama right after it. I was so thankful to him.

Q. This will be your last activity as I.O.I.
Sejung: You know, we have 11 members from 8 different agencies, and a set period of our activity as a team is just one year. I'm very thankful that our fans and we could make wonderful memories. If "Reply 2016" airs some time or other, our team will appear in the drama.

Q. You have to part from each other after your promotional activities for "Very Very Very." Aren't you sad about it?
Nayoung: I could form a strong friendship with the great members and have been much loved by so many people. The parting is heartbreaking for me. I'm dreaming of a beautiful finish now.
Chungha: We promised to establish the day of I.O.I. We'll meet together on the day whatever may happen. I think one of these three days will be established as the day of I.O.I, April 1, May 5, and October 1.
Chaeyeon: I don't want to think it's the end. I'll do my best during our activities for "Very Very Very."
Somi: We promised to reunite 5 years later. I'll become 21 years old then.

Q. Tell me about your future plans.
Sohye: Nothing is confirmed yet. For now, I want to focus on the activities for "Very Very Very." After finishing the activities, I'll go into training to improve my ability.
Nayoung: Jieqiong and I don't have specific plans yet. We'll devote ourselves to the last activity of I.O.I.
Jieqiong: After finishing the last activity, I'll get back to the basics and start work with a renewed mind. I expect I can show better of me in the future.
Yoojung: Doyeon and I don't have specific plans yet either. We'll be back to our practice room and prepare for our future.
Doyeon: I think I still have many things to learn. I have a desire to improve my skills.

Chaeyeon: I think it is right to focus on what I'm doing now. After successfully finishing all the activities as a member of I.O.I, I'll talk about my future with my agency.
Somi: I haven't planned anything because I promised I'd focus on my activities as a member of I.O.I. I'll get training again and magically appear in front of you in the future.
Chungha: What I'm thinking now is that we should wrap up our activities successfully. I haven't really thought about my future.

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Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!