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Interview with LADIES' CODE: It's so hard for them to mention the past car accident

Q. You made a comeback with your new album "STRANG3R." How do you feel?
Sojung: The album includes various genres of music with upbeat melodies. We'll show more fancy performance on the stage than before.
Ashley: I think the mood and conception of the music are similar to "Galaxy," but we tried to add our own unique charm to it. Through the album, we want to imprint ourselves on people's mind.
Zuny: We made a comeback after a long hiatus because we wanted to make high quality album. I think we'll able to prove we're different from other girl groups.

Q. It's notable that the album is the last part of your trilogy of "Healing."
Ashley: You know, there was a long gap of time in our career, and we decided to begin the series in order to better appeal to the public. Actually, when we made a comeback last February after a year and a half hiatus, I felt like I was making a debut again. I'll try to be patient because I'm sure we'll be able to get good results if we do our best.

Q. You three do quite different kind of music from when you were active as a five-member girl group.
Sojung: Yeah, we did a cheerful retro music before. Frankly speaking, we feared to sing such a cheerful song when we made a comeback. However, we didn't want to sing a sad ballad song either, and that's why we sing mysterious and profound songs now.

Q. I seems like many people still feel sorry about your past car accident.
Ashley: I think we must not forget about the accident. However, we don't want to draw pity from people. We just want people to listen to our music. That's why we work so hard on our music.
Zuny: Actually, we want to change our image. We want to appear in various entertainment shows such as "Real Men" and "Three meals a day" so that we can show brighter aspects of ourselves.

Q. So, it has been 2 years since the accident. Many people wonder if you're doing good.
Zuny: We have no health problems now, but it's so hard for us to mention the accident. I'm afraid it could remind us of our old days. On the second anniversary of the 2 members' death, we went to see them. We'll try our best to make their dreams come true.
Sojung: During a year and a half hiatus, we couldn't do anything, but our fans had been always waiting for us. We could make a comeback because of our fans.

Q. What's your goal?
Zuny: I think it's important to give off individual members' unique charm to capture people's heart.
Sojung: Even though we're focusing on finding our clear characteristics as a team now, we want to be active as a solo or sub unit if we get a chance later.

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