Hints to help you notice discord among the members of a kpop idol group

If a k-pop idol decided to leave his team due to a severe conflict with his team mates, what do you think he has to do next? Yeah, he has to prepare for his future, while the most common way for k-pop idols to prepare for their future is to increase their solo activities. So, if a certain idol begins to be very active as a solo singer or actor so suddenly, he might be thinking about leaving his team.

K-pop idols who are on bad terms with their team mates and about to leave their groups are usually uncooperative towards group activities. They refuse to participate their groups' big and small events such as concerts and fan signing events because they're not willing to do it any more. Well, that's why you always need to pay attention to who is missing.

K-pop idols sometimes don't even want to be in the same place together with their team mates if they're experiencing severe conflict. In this case, they do not film their music videos together with their team mates either, and that’s why there are no groups shots in some of k-pop music videos.

You know, k-pop idols sometimes unfollow their team mates on SNS. They say "It doesn't mean anything" or "It was just a mistake," but I bet it was not just a mistake. Well, it's a symbolic act. If a certain idol unfollowed his team mates, it means he doesn't have a love for his group and team mates any more.