Cube uses TVXQ and BIGBANG's Reputation for the Success of PENTAGON

On October 10, Cube Entertainment's new boy group PENTAGON made a debut with its first ever mini album. As Cube is one of the most influential kpop agencies and PENTAGON is the first rookie boy group of the agency since BTOB debuted 4 years ago, the 10-member group has been attracting much public attention.

By the way, I could not help laughing when I read Cube' press release that was issued days ago. It says, "PENTAGON is going to inherit the success of SM's TVXQ and YG's BIGBANG because there's a parallel among the 3 groups. All of them debuted(or will debut) 8 years after their agencies were established."

Well, it's an unwritten rule among the big kpop agencies that they do not comment about other agencies' artists in their press releases because it could have bad effect on the artists. However, Cube has overreached itself because the agency is now desperate for the success of PENTAGON in the situation that 4minute has been disbanded and they can't be sure about the renewal of BEAST's contract.

Check out Cube's another comment about PENTAGON's debut. "As PENTAGON doesn't want to damage TVXQ and BIGBANG's reputation, they're making full preparations for their debut."

What do you think? Why PENTAGON has to be careful not to damage the reputation of TVXQ and BIGBANG, not BEAST or BTOB? I understand Cube's situation, but the agency has to be more smart if it really wants PENTAGON's success.