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BLACKPINK vs. I.O.I: Who should win 2016 MAMA for Best New Female Artist?

2016 MAMA made its nomination announcement on October 28. Did you check out the full list of nominees? So many kpop idol stars are on the list, and it is expected that there will be some fierce competition for the awards.

By the way, in the kpop world, extra attention is now only focused on who's going to win 2016 MAMA for Best New Female Artist. Do you know why?

You know, five attractive female groups, BLACKPINK, Gugudan, Bolbbalgan4, I.O.I, and WJSN are nominated for 2016 MAMA Best New Female Artist, while BLACKPINK and I.O.I are the two strongest candidates for the award.

BLACKPINK made a very successful debut in August by topping various music charts with its debut song "Whistle." You know, the 4-member girl group is YG Entertainment's first girl group since 2NE1 debuted in 2009, and enormous interest has been currently showering the team.

And I.O.I, comprised of 11 members from 8 different kpop agencies, was absolutely the hottest kpop girl group who drew great attention from people. It is very notable that I.O.I was loved not only by their loyal fans but also by the general public, while the girl group's new song "Very Very Very," composed by Park Jin Young became a big hit.

As I mentioned above, extra attention is now only focused on who's going to win 2016 MAMA for Best New Female Artist. However, it is not only because both of them are very strong candidates.

When BLACKPINK debuted, Yang Hyun Suk, chief producer of YG, said he hopes the girl group will win awards at the end-of-year music awards. Actually, he has a sort of obsession over the end-of-year music awards, and that's why YG always tries to hold a dominant position over broadcasting companies in various ways before the end-of-year music awards.

Of course, Yang Hyun Suk's main concern at the moment is BLACKPINK's winning 2016 MAMA Best New Female Artist because the team is YG's new girl group and it's true the girl group made a very successful debut.(BLACKPINK makes comeback on November 1, a month earlier than 2016 MAMA, because they have to win Best New Female Artist) Actually, there is also a possibility that YG will announce all of its artists will never attend 2016 MAMA if the awards says BLACKPINK will not be awarded Best New Female Artist.

By the way, things are not that simple. You know, I.O.I is the girl group made by Mnet because all the I.O.I members appeared in "Produce 101" and had tough competition to be chosen as the girl group's members, which means Mnet can't just give the award to BLACKPINK no matter how powerful YG is. I'm sure people in Mnet will spend some sleepless nights agonizing over the winner of 2016 MAMA Best New Female Artist.

Anyway, BLACKPINK or I.O.I? who do you think should win 2016 MAMA for Best New Female Artist?

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