Yang Hyun Suk says kpop chart shows should be changed

Q. It's the 20th anniversary of YG. How do you feel?
YG: I've been working like a swan - apparently elegant, but paddling like crazy just beneath the surface. I'm sure I can work harder than anyone else, and that's why YG could continue to grow. At the beginning, it was just YG Family but now we have more than 400 people just in YG Entertainment, while about 1,000 people are working for YG. What I'm aiming at is to grow the company steadily.

Q. What do you think is the reason for your success?
YG: It's upgrade. I enjoy changes. When S.E.S and Fin.K.L were enjoying great popularity, I produced a debut album of Bigmama, who is completely different from the pretty girl groups. And when BIGBANG debuted, many people said such a boy group can't achieve a success as an idol group. It's the same for BLACKPINK. BLACKPINK is a pretty girl group who does music of YG style. The competitive edge of YG is in our freshness.

Q. It's notable that you've been trying to diversify your business.
YG: Various business such as cosmetics, food, and fashion have relevance to YG's contents. Before our singers perform on the stage, they wear clothes and put on makeup. Kanye West runs clothing business too. I think it's foolish not to diversify business.

Q. It has been 10 years since BIGBANG debuted.
YG: I think we've achieved 50% of our goals. When BIGBANG debuted, one of my primary objectives was to set them up as a popular boy group who can be active for more than 10 years because most of k-pop boy groups are disbanded 3-5 years after their debut. After watching the recent reunion of Sechs Kies, I became positive about another 10 years of BIGBANG.

Q. Many people are worried about the enlistment of the BIGBANG members.
YG: I don't think the risk is so high. BIGBANG is not an instant boy group. Their talents will not be gone even if they serve in the military. I'm sure they'll become more mature after finishing their army service.

Q. As a CEO, what kind of leadership do you aim at?
YG: It's "no touch." I advised Yoo Hee Yeol not to meddle in musicians' creative works. I think it's important not to damage artists' sensitivity. When BIGBANG works on their music, I engage in just 10% of the works. What I have to do is support them as an experienced producer.

Q. So, as an experienced producer, don't you have anything to talk about the k-pop industry?
YG: K-pop chart shows should be changed. Compared to when I was active as a member of Taiji Boys, the quality of k-pop chart shows has not improved at all, while singers are getting poorer treatment. Broadcasting companies never invest in making better shows. They make k-pop chart shows just because they need to tame k-pop agencies and singers. That's why YG artists do not appear in k-pop chart shows often.

Q. But fans want to see YG artists more often on the air.
YG: If YG artists can become more popular by appearing in k-pop chart shows, I can even kneel down to arrange their TV appearance. However, I'm thinking about other ways to satisfy fans.

Q. When you develop future musicians, what do you care about most?
YG: Park Jin Young prefers good-natured person. But I don't. Talented person is at the top of my priority list, while faithful person and good-natured person are the next. As I've been working as a music producer for 20 years, I can instantly identify future stars like a chicken sexer.