[POLL] Should Somi join TWICE?

By apppearing in "Produce 101" and being active as a member of I.O.I, Somi received great public attention. The talented 15-year old idol's joining TWICE will give a boost to the girl group. Furthermore, Somi, who has been trained in JYP with the TWICE members and appeared in "SIXTEEN" as a potential member of the team has a very close relationship with the members.

TWICE has been on a roll since its debut, while the girl group has already become one of the hottest kpop idol groups. In this situation, it can't be said that the girl group really needs Somi. Another problem is that there could be a firestorm of criticism if JYP lets Somi join TWICE because she's been already eliminated from the competition among the potential members of TWICE more than a year ago.