[Kpop Idol's Diet] How HELLOVENUS Nara maintains her perfect figure

I weighed much when I debuted, and I've tried really really hard. Actually, I was afraid to work out with somebody else because I had to expose an inferiority complex about my looks. That's why I began to be on a diet by myself. At first, I didn't know anything about diet and surfed the Internet to get some information. What I found was a no-white-food diet. So, I began to avoid white foods, such as white bread, white rice, and sugar. After then, I had an apple in the morning and went to the gym everyday. I worked out on the treadmill, jumped rope and exercised my arm with a plastic bottle filled with water. These days, I'm trying to cut down my intake of carbohydrates. I eat half a bowl of rice and do not eat soup. And no matter how busy I am, I do exercise before I go to bed.