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5 Female kpop idols whose solo debuts are guaranteed to succeed

How can I exclude the most famous and popular female idol star from this list? Don't you think it's a little strange that Suzy didn't make a debut as a solo singer even though she's been on a roll and has been enjoy great popularity in the kpop world since her debut? Well, the time has finally come for her solo debut. JYP and Suzy are now hard at work on her first solo album. The strong point of Suzy as a solo singer is that she has beautiful voice and can sing various genres of music.

Seohyun and Yuri's duet song "Secret" that was released last August was a kind of warm up single for both idol stars' solo debut. I'm sure Seohyun is one of the best female idol singers, but she couldn't have enough chance to show off her outstanding singing ability as a solo singer. It is expected that the youngest member of Girls' Generation will make a successful solo debut just like Taeyeon did.

Krystal is the one who is well known for her great fashion sense and beautiful appearance. However, she is a good singer too, and SM Entertainment, her agency, is fully aware of it. That's why SM had put much effort into Jessica & Krystal's duet debut even though the project has been cancelled due to Jessica's withdrawal from Girls' Generation.

Sandara Park is a very underestimated kpop idol. As the rest 3 members of 2NE1, CL, Park Bom and Minzy have distinguished talents in music, Sandara Park has been always considered as a member who is just cute and pretty. However, she has a charm about her that attracts people, while her voice is very attractive. YG's Teddy, one of the most competent music producers in the kpop world, will be a great helper for her if she debuts as a solo singer.

Some of you might wonder why Joy is included in this list because she's just a 3rd-year idol and she's not as popular as the other 4 idol stars. Well, however, she has a lot of potential to become a top idol star. She's not a main vocal of Red Velvet, but she sings better than most of the main vocals of other girl groups, while her voice tone is very unique. Plus, she's at the center of issue among Korean fans now because she's become so pretty after succeeding in losing weight.

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