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The Reason Why there has been continuing news of Suzy & Lee Minho's Breakup

In July 2016, it was reported that Lee Minho and Suzy have finally broken up, but the both stars' agencies denied it, saying, "They're still dating, and there's no trouble between them. We think the media’s repetitive false reports are annoying their fans.“ Well, by the way, there are reasons why there has been continuing news of the star couple's breakup. See what happened in the k-pop world.

Lee Minho is a very famous Hallyu star, and he had to pay the penalty of fame because there has been bad rumors about him in the Korean entertainment world. The rumor is that he loves to gamble and has too many women in his life. And a few months after it was revealed that he was dating Suzy, another rumor began to spread. The rumor was that he got tired of dating Suzy and he was trying to hook up with another popular idol star Seolhyun. So, because of these bad rumors, many people in the Korean entertainment world began to suspect that the star couple has already broken up. Oh, of course, I’m noy saying all the rumors about him are true. Rumors are just rumors.

And on July 4, 2016, a press conference for Suzy's new drama "Uncontrollably Fond" was held in Seoul. At the event, the drama's hero Kim Woobin was asked about his girlfriend Shin Min Ah. To the question, he answered, "She always supports me, and she's really looking forward to the drama," adding, "I'm close to Lee Minho, and he also cheers for me a lot." However, Suzy commented nothing about her boyfriend Lee Minho.

Actually, Shin Min Ah is giving her boyfriend Kim Woobin full material and emotional support. She even treated the staff members of "Uncontrollably Fond" to a meal. However, Lee Minho did nothing for the drama production team. Well, I know that it is ridiculous to doubt about Suzy and Lee Minho's relationship just because of these episodes, but Korean media outlets are now obsessed with creating news about the top star couple.

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