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15& Takes a Long Journey to Find Harmony

JYP Entertainment's young female duo 15& made their debut in 2012, receiving great attention from people in the world of kpop. It was expected that the team, comprised of Park Jimin, the winner of "Kpop Star," and musical prodigy Baek Yerin, will be the one who drives JYP's future.

However, even though the two talented young singers astonished the world by showing off their outstanding singing abilities after debut, they couldn't achieve a commercial success. And since they released "Love is madness" in February 2015, they've never released their album as a duo.

In short, it was a failure of strategy. Before the duo's debut, Park Jin Young thought that they could generate a significant synergy effect because they were very different. However, they couldn't harmonize with each other because they were too different. Park Jin Young overlooked an important fact that apples and oranges can't be a duo. 

In this situation, 15& decided to change its direction of artistic activity. You know, Baek Yerin debuted as a solo singer in November 2015, while Park Jimin also released her first solo album on August 23, 2016. Through their solo activities, they began to show off their own charm as solo artists.

Well, some of you might think they were entirely separate, but they weren't. Their solo activity is not only the way to quench their anxious thirst as solo singers but also the way to find their harmony. It could be a long journey. They're going their separate ways now, but they're dreaming of being together again as a harmonious duo sometime or other. (Some say Jimin and Yerin do not get on well each other, and it's true that there once was a disagreement between them, but they're on good terms now)

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