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What's Happening in Cube Entertainment

You might have heard about the news that Cube Entertainment is in trouble. Due to the internal problem, Hyuna's album release and Pentagon's debut concert have been postponed.

Well, as I mentioned before, the problem began with Cube Entertainment's president Hong Seung Sung's ill-health. After he was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease, Park Choong min, the representative director of Cube Entertainment has led the management of the company. In this process, the company was divided by internal conflicts. People who are loyal to Hong Seung Sung thought he was still the leader of the company, but others felt differently. They thought their leader was Park Choong Min, and in the decision-making process, they tried to excluded people who support Hong Seung Sung.

By the way, a very symbolic incident has recently occurred. Park Choong Min fired some people from Cube Entertainment. Yeah, they are those who have been supporting Hong Seung Sung. Hong Seung Sung, who has kept silent at Cube Entertainment's internal conflicts, was very angry about this. And he ordered that all the new projects in progress about Cube Entertainment's artists should be stopped.

As IHQ, the largest shareholder of Cube Entertainment, stepped in to resolve the situation, the problem will be fixed in any way. However, one thing is certain that Cube Entertainment is going downhill and is no longer one of the most powerful kpop companies. In this situation, nobody can be sure if the 5 BEAST members will renew their contracts with Cube Entertainment.
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