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Interview with Girl's Day Minah: She comments about her Rivalry with Hyeri

Q. You've successfully finished filming your drama "Beautiful Gongshim." The drama was very popular and people say it's thanks to your great performance.
Minah: No, it's not true. My character was very lovely, but the success of the drama is thanks to other actors' great performance. I received a lot of help from the actors and staff members.

Q. What did you pay attention to most when you played your role?
Minah: When I read the script for the first time, I thought Gongshim is very pathetic. She can't do what she wants to do because of her appearance, while she is discriminated by her family. It was not easy to play the role because Gongshim just endures everything unlike me who always express feelings.

Q. Do you have something in common with Gongshim?
Minah: As I began my career as a singer at an early age, it was very hard to endure criticism. It deeply saddened me that every week there were sour and sad comments on articles about me. I was hurt just like Gongshim.

Q. Do you have an inferiority complex about your appearance like Gongshim?
Minah: I think I'm not ugly but I'm not a beauty either. Of course, I get hurt when I read abusive comments about my appearance.

Q. I heard that Namgoong Min helped you a lot when you were filming the drama.
Minah: Yeah, he is an experienced actor and taught me a lot of things. The most impressive thing about him was that he didn't taught unilaterally. He always made me do my own thinking.

Q. What was the hardest thing about shooting the drama?
Minah: I couldn't sleep. I filmed the drama 5.5 days a week. At the end of the drama, I slept just 40 minutes for 4 days.
Q. What did the Girl's Day members talk about the drama?
Minah: They laughed a lot because of my wig. They said I look great with the wig.

Q. Some say Hyeri and you are now in rivalry.
Hyeri: I feel very uncomfortable about it. I think I can be stimulated by her, but we're not rivals.

Q. Are you planning for releasing new album?
Minah: Yeah, we're going to make a comeback in September. After then, I'm not sure if I will release my solo album or appear in a drama.

Q. There are so many young girl groups these days. What do you think of them?
Minah: They work really hard. Unlike them, we became a little bit tactful as it has been 6 years since we debuted. I think TWICE and I.O.I stand out these days. And LABOUM reminds me of my old days.

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Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!