Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!

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Interview with FT Island: Hongki had a woman who he really wanted to date with weeks ago

Q. When you released your 5th full album last year, people were surprised because you totally changed your music style. So, through your new album that was released on July 18, what do you want to show us?
Minhwan: In the old days, we thought we had to do popular music. However, that was not what we wanted to do. Through our new album, we want to show that we have our own music style.
Hongki: I know that rock music is loved by a small number of manias in Korea. I think Korean music industry lacks diversity. We do rock music because we love it. And I'm sure the days of rock bands will come some time or other.

Q. You seem to feel deep attachment to the album.
Jonghoon: That's right. Actually, we consider it as our second album. Of course, we've released many albums, but our latest two albums are totally different from the others. You know, we produced the two albums by ourselves.
Hongki: 5 years after our debut, we told our company that we'll do what we want to do. We're now doing our music, and our company is just supporting us.

Q. So, are you happy in your work these days?
Hongki: Yes. In the old days, I sometimes had to sing a song that I really didn't like. And I sometimes felt unhappy when I performed at music chart shows. I'm so happy to sing our own songs these days.

Q. Who is your role model?
Hongki: Nobody. FT Island is just FT Island. There are many rock bands we like, but we just try to learn from them and do our own music.

Q. Let's talk about the other rock bands in FNC Entertainment. Do you think they’re doing good?
Seunghyun: CNBLUE is doing great. So nothing to talk about CNBLUE. However, the other bands have a long way to go.
Hongki: Young bands remind me of our old days. I hope they will try harder. When I ask them "Do you want to become an entertainer or a rock musician?" some of them say "Both." I hate those kind of mindset.

Q. It was very notable that you debuted in Japanese music market as an indie band in 2008 after winning a great success in Korea.
Minhwan: It was a valuable experience for us to perform in front of just 20 audiences in Japan. We could establish our identity as a rock band then. And I think our Japanese fans are increasing constantly these days.

Q. Among all the tracks of your new album, which is your favorite?
Hongki: I love all the songs, but I think "We Are" is my favorite. It is a sweet love song and the song is for our fans.

Q. It seems like would-be singers these days do not want to become a member of rock band. What do you think about it?
Jaejin: There are so many people who learn musical instruments, and I’m sure they do better than me. However, the problem is that they're not much interested in it. I'm upset about those kind of situation.

Q. Hongki, it has been a long time since you appeared in your drama.
Hongki: For now, I want to focus on music. Since I began to prepare for our 5th full album, I've been mad for music and have never left workroom for about a year.

Q. It seems that Hongki has been too busy.
Jonghoon: I know he's doing heavy work. We understand him even if he has to do something that is irrelevant to FT Island.
Jaejin: I'm sometimes worried about his condition because he is our vocalist.

Q. Don't you want to date?
Hongki: I'm still lonely. I'm not the one who dates a woman for a long time. Frankly speaking, I had a woman who I really wanted to date with weeks ago. However, I began to play bowling and we became estranged each other.
Jonghoon: Well, Hongki plays bowling through the whole night. Unlike him, the other members enjoy dates and hobbies at the same time.

Q. What is your goal as a rock band?
Hongki: We want to become a rock band like chameleon. We'll show a variety of musical colors.
Jaejin: We know what we can do. We'll work harder and try harder to show new aspects of ourselves.

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Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!