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Jang Ki Ha says Love Songs in his new album are not about IU

On June 15, Korean rock band Jang Ki Ha and the Faces met with kpop journalists in Seoul to talk about its 4th full album to be released on June 16. You know, the band's leader Jang Ki Ha is currently dating top kpop star IU. Check out what Jang Ki Ha commented about his new album and IU.

The subject of the album is "Love." Actually, I thought love songs are too general and common before. However, we've released 3 albums so far and I became confident about writing some new love songs. The album has a total of 10 love songs, and the lyrics are fictions. Of course, it is lie to say that the songs are totally irrelevant to my real life, but I tried not to include my real life experience in the lyrics. I wanted to write love songs that people can relate to.
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