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[Exclusive] Music Bank hires Private Security Guards to Block Journalists' Access

On Friday, around the building of KBS is crowded with k-pop fans. You know, it's the broadcasting day of a famous k-pop chart show "Music Bank," while various k-pop stars appear in KBS on the day.

Every Friday, k-pop journalists visit the broadcasting company too because we can meet many k-pop industry workers and have interview with idol stars there. By the way, in 2016, KBS hired private security guards to block k-pop journalists' access, which evoked a strong opposition by the journalists. Well, there were two reasons for KBS' such action.

"Music Bank" is aired for about an hour, but it takes almost a full day to film the show. And as there are many singers who appear in the show, singers have to wait for a long time till their turn comes. So, during the waiting time, k-pop journalists usually have an interview with idol singers. However, some of the singers were late for the recording of the show after being interviewed by journalists, and KBS was very angry about it. This was the first reason why the broadcasting company decided to block journalists' access.

And here's the second reason. At the time, "Music Bank" was embroiled in controversy due to its error in determining No.1 of the week. On May 27, 2016, AOA topped the chart show with its new song "Good Luck," pushing back TWICE into the second place. But this provoked a fierce controversy among the public because AOA got too much album sales point and it was strongly suspected that “Music Bank” gave its No.1 trophy to the wrong girl group. Eventually, "Music Bank" admitted its error and announced that the winner of the No.1 trophy is TWICE three days after the broadcast. In this situation, KBS didn’t want to comment anything about the incident, and that was one reason why the broadcasting company tried to avoid contact with k-pop journalists.

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Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!