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[POLL] Tiffany vs. Jessica: Who will make more successful solo debut?

You know, Girls' Generation's Tiffany will release her first ever solo album on May 11, while the girl group's former member Jessica will make her solo debut only a week later, which means the two idol stars who used to teammates will have an unavoidable confrontation.

There's a story behind their solo debut, by the way. Tiffany has worked hard on her first solo album for a long time. However, the album release date was not in May at first. After hearing the news that Jessica will release her album in May, SM Entertainment fixed the date of Tiffany's solo debut. What do you think it means? Oh, I hope there is no misunderstanding. It doesn't mean that SM wants to disturb Jessica's activity. You know, both of Tiffany and Jessica are pretty and attractive idol stars. They have enough capability to make successful solo debut. However, Kpop stars' albums are the results of complex process of production, which means kpop agencies' production know-how seriously affect the quality of teaser photos, videos and music. SM just wanted to show the fact that it has much better production know-how than any other agencies(especially Jessica's Coridel Entertainment).

Anyway, who do you think will make more successful solo debut? Tiffany or Jessica?

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