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Korean Drama and Film World Looking for the Next Park Shinhye

In recent years, people working in Korean drama and film world have voiced concern about lack of young lead actresses. Do you know why? There are two reasons for the lack of young lead actresses.

First, drama and film production companies eagerly want to cast top class actresses. That's why all the casting love calls are centered on only a few star actresses. However, the star actresses are always busy, and it's nothing unusual that they refuse to appear in a drama or film. So, many drama and film production companies who couldn't make a contract with top stars say, "There's no young actress to cast."

Second, many famous idol stars are now active in Korean drama and film world, and young actresses are becoming obsolete. You know, female idol stars such as Miss A's Suzy, Girl's Day's Hyeri, and Apink's Jung Eunji showed great performance through their dramas and films, while AOA's Seolhyun is also in the spotlight now. Drama and film production companies cast idol stars in preference to young unknown new actresses, for practical reasons. Due to this, young actresses are not even given the chance to act, and it's so hard for them to grow as lead actresses.

In this situation, many people in Korean drama and film world say, "We don't have the next Park Shinhye."

Park Shinhye is regarded as about the only actress in her 20s who can lead her drama as a lead actress. She has achieved success with various dramas including "You're Beautiful", "The Heirs", and "Pinocchio," while she always shows impressive performance in her dramas. You know, she began her career as a young child and has improved her acting ability for a long period of time. She can play various roles, while she has pretty face and likeable image.
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