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[Exclusive] SM's "Real Ace" to debut as a member of NCT

As you already know, SM Entertainment's new boy group NCT will debut within this year. Lee Soo Man, the representative producer of the kpop agency, attended a presentation show that was held last January and revealed his plan about NCT's debut. It is very uncommon that Lee Soo Man makes a public appearance to talk about SM's new boy group, and it means that SM and Lee Soo Man are putting a great effort to NCT's debut.

By the way, I heard interesting story about NCT. You know, EXO has been on a roll since its debut in 2012, while SM's other boy groups such as SHINee and Super Junior are still showing off their undiminished power in the world of kpop. However, whenever the SM artists achieve big success in kpop world, people in SM told me, "Our real ace even didn't debut yet." They looked really confident about the "real ace." Well, the "real ace" will debut as a member of NCT. The SM people didn't talk about his name, but it's certain that he has great talent and ability. And he is very handsome too. It is expected the NCT member will steal people's heart as a "real ace" of SM, just like YG's G-Dragon does.
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