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The Reasons Why 2NE1's Comeback is being Delayed

Kpop singers' comeback projects proceed according to their agencies' thorough plans. YG's artists are no exception. And there is an order to everything. YG planned that 2NE1 will make a comeback after CL's debut in US, but you know, the charismatic leader didn't debut in the country yet. According to the official, CL is almost ready to release her debut solo album in US, but her agency is watching the timing. It is expected that CL will release the album soon, and 2NE1 will be able to make a comeback after CL finishes all the promotional activities in US.

Do you remember the 2NE1 members made a surprise appearance in 2015 MAMA? There has been public criticism against Park Bom since she got involved in a drugs scandal in 2014, and Yang Hyun Suk tried to change things by making her appear in the famous kpop awards ceremony. However, it was a failure. There still is a fierce criticism against Park Bom, and nobody can be sure of 2NE1's successful comeback. It seems that Park Bom needs more time to calm the controversy around herself.

Who is the most bankable artist in YG? Yeah, no doubt, it's Big Bang. However, the members are almost 30 and will join the army one after another within a few years. That's why Yang Hyun Suk needs the next Big Bang and he is focusing on managing Winner and iKON. Actually, YG is on high alert because Winner's new album that was released last February was not that popular among the public. So, for now, 2NE1 is not YG's top priority.
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