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Interview with EXO Suho: He Drinks Only 5 Times a Year

Q. So, this is your first ever interview as an actor. Did D.O, who has already experienced interview as an actor give you some tips?
Suho: No, I think he's not in such a position, haha.

Q. Why did you decide to appear in the film "One Way Trip"?
Suho: Well, I wanted to appear in a movie about youth. And I thought "One Way Trip" is a realistic movie. Even though my part is very small, I think my character is a key figure who plays an important role in the movie. I don't care if it's a leading role or a supporting role.

Q. Is there any special reason for your preference for a movie about youth?
Suho: I really like movies like "Spirit Of Jeet Keun Do" and "Bleak Night." Romance movie is fine too, but I wanted to deliver more serious messages. I hope people will ponder over some messages after watching my movie.

Q. Were there any special orders from the director of the film?
Suho: He wanted me to express an honest character who has worked a lot and has sunburnt skin. So I asked him if I have to get a ten, but he said I don't need to.

Q. You have a "model student" image. Don't you want to break away from such image?
Suho: If I have a chance, I want to appear in a film that would challenge me. I can play villain or bully too. I hope I will be able to give a shock to my fans. I've lived as a "model student" for 26 years. I want to get vicarious satisfaction through my movies.

Q. What is your real personality like?
Suho: My character in my movie is similar to my real-life personality, but I think I'm more decisive than him.

Q. You're well known for being very strict in your self-discipline.
Suho: I drink about 5 times a year. I work out in a gym every other day and watch my diet. I love chocolates, but, yeah, I have a strong will. And I think it is a habit with me now.

Q. Do you take acting lessons?
Suho: No, but I always try to observe people. For example, Baekhyun usually acts frivolously, while Kai is a dignified person and Chanyeol is simple hearted. D.O is virile, and Sehun is the one who always wishes to reverse things. And Xiumin is a bundle of fun, while Lay is like a son of a rich family.

Q. I heard that the EXO members do not talk about your acting.
Suho: It's not because I'm so good at acting. I think it's because I'm older than most of the members and I majored in acting in college. They just asked me if I was having fun with my movie. And Kai and Sehun read scenarios with me.

Q. When you attended Busan International Film Festival last year, you said that you talk about girls with your costars.
Suho: Well, when we were filming “One Way Trip,” Jisoo and Heechan visited my room very often. And we talk about our life stories. Of course, we talked about girls because it is a part of life.

Q. So, do you want to continue to be active as an actor?
Suho: Some might say I'm so greedy, but I want to show many things to people not only as a member of EXO but also as a musician and an actor. I'll make progress step by step.

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