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EXO Suho's First Movie is Really Terrible

Today, I've watched EXO Suho's movie "Glory Day."(It is not released yet but I watched it at a press preview) I looked forward to the movie because it's Suho's first ever movie and Ryu Jun Yeol, who showed impressive performance in "Reply 1988" appears in the movie too. So, how was the movie? It was below expectations. Yeah, it was terrible. Really really terrible.

The plot is not well-organized at all, while the movie is full with cliches. Besides, The director tries to make audience laugh, but it's not funny at all. And the sad news for fans of EXO is that Suho's character is a minor supporting role.(He's in a hospital throughout the movie)

Suho showed not bad performance, anyway. His acting was quite natural and he showed his potential as an actor even though I still can't understand why he decided to appear in the low-level movie.(And I also can't understand why Kim Dong Wan is still not good at acting even though he's appeared in so many dramas and movies)
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