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Signs of Girls' Generation Taeyeon's Success As a Solo Singer

Girls' Generation Taeyeon will released her first ever solo album. I think many of kpop fans are really looking forward to it. Then, do you think Taeyeon will be able to achieve a big success as a solo singer? Your answer may be "Yes," and I think so too because she is the leader of the most popular kpop girl group. But, there are some actual signs of her success as a solo singer too. Check it out.

Complete Transformation
Taeyeon will show a complete transformation through her first ever solo album. When SM Entertainment announced that the female idol star's solo album will be released on September 7, the agency stated, "The music to be included in Taeyeon's album will be totally different from that of Girls' Generation." It has been 8 years since Taeyeon debuted, and she performed on the stage thousands of times, which means the public became so accustomed to her performance and character. If she doesn't show any change through her first solo album, people will not have much interest in the album.(Actually, this is what SM is really good at. The agency exactly knows how to draw attention from people) That's why Taeyeon chose 'I' as the title track. The song is a medium tempo music with powerful electronic guitar and drum rhythm. 'I' is totally different from Taeyeon's former hits such as 'Lion Heart'(Girls' Generation), 'Breath'(SM The Ballad), and 'Twinkle'(Girls' Generation TTS).

Participated in Writing Lyrics
Taeyeon took part in writing lyrics of 'I', while it is the first time Taeyeon wrote lyrics of her song since her debut. 'I' is a self-portrait of Taeyeon. Through the lyrics, she will reveal her true feelings about her life as a celebrity. Taeyeon is now 26 years old and she is not a young girl any more, which means it's time for her to show musical growth. Let's take a look at a case of Hyuna of 4minute. When she debuted as a solo singer in 2010, she gained immense interest. And she made a great success with her hit 'Bubble Pop'. After then, she released 'Ice Cream', 'Red', and 'Roll Deep' but she couldn't show any musical growth. She caught eyes of people by showing super sexy performance but she did it again and again. That's why she can't top music charts as a solo singer any more.(Hyuna wrote lyrics too. However, it was disappointing, frankly speaking) It is expected that Taeyeon will prove her musical ability as a mature idol through her first ever solo album.

Collaboration with Verbal Jint
It is also notable that Verbal Jint is featured in Taeyeon's upcoming song as a rapper. Verbal Jint, who is familiar to 'Show Me The Money' and 'Unpretty Rap Star' fans, is well known for his emotional style of music. He has attractive voice and writes emotional lyrics which arouse sympathy from people. That's why he could have generated great results through his collaboration with various female singers including Ailee, Kang Min Kyung of Davichi, and Cho Hyuna of Urban Zakapa. And as he is not an SM artist, it is expected that Taeyeon will captivate not only SM fans but also general music fans by creating an impressive harmony with Vebal Jint.

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