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How and Why IU Fell in Love with Jang Ki Ha

In October 2015, IU’ her agency accepted that the female star is dating musician Jang Kiha. It was a surprising news because they seemed to have nothing in common. And some of you might think it was unbelievable because Jang Ki Ha is 11 years older than IU and he doesn't looks  handsome at all. However, things really do happen for a reason. Let's see how and why the nation’s little sister fell in love with Jang Kiha

The two met each other for the first time in October 2013. IU made a guest appearance in Jang Kiha's radio program, and they took a commemorative photograph after the broadcast. Well, it was a fateful meeting because both of them fell in love at first sight.

IU's cheerful and lively, but at the same time very polite and has an old head on young shoulders. She has maturity beyond her years. Most of young women who are about the same age as IU like handsome guys. However, IU is different. She is the one who thinks what’s inside is more important than appearance, while Jang Kiha is very close to her ideal type. Jang Kiha is an artist. He has his own world of art, and he is very humane. The gentle guy is not pretentious at all and uses humor effectively too. And as he graduated from Seoul National University, which is Korea's top school, he is smart and quick on the uptake.

And above all things, music was the medium that connected the two singers. IU likes retro music, while Jang Ki Ha is well known for his unique retro style of music. They were able to share many things about music with each other. Some of you might still think Jang Kiha is insufficient to be IU's boyfriend, but he is very very popular among Korean females who are interested in indie music and retro music. Check out what IU and Jang Kiha talked about each other.

IU: I met him for the first time at his radio program and it was love at first sight. I'm thankful to him, and I think I have a lot to learn from him. We love, fight, feel sorry, and feel thankful, just like ordinary couples.

Jang Kiha: When I had a talk with her in my radio program, I thought she's a really great person. And later, I heard that she received a favorable impression from me on the day too. It's been about 2 years since we started dating, and she's the apple of my eye. I lean on her in hard times, and I also have a lot to learn from her.

It was 11 am when the first news about IU and Jang Kiha’s romantic relationship was reported. I called IU’s agency to ask if the news if true, but they didn't answer and didn't make any official announcement either. At first, I thought they were debating whether they had to admit that the nation’s little sister were dating a musician who is 11 years older than her. But, about 3 hours later, I got to know about the real reason why they had to delay their official announcement. IU, who is well known as being very friendly to her fans, wanted to talk to her fans first, and she posted a long piece of writing on her fan cafe. That's why she and her agency needed some time. Through her writing, she expressed sorriness to her fans, while she talked to the fans in a careful and cautious way.

I've been thinking about the best way to talk about the matter. However, everything went wrong with me because you got to know about it by reading articles. I know it is so sudden, but I think I should be in an open relationship now. I'm sorry that I made a awkward situation. And I thankful to you who always worry about me and take care of me. I want to say sorry and thank you. I've thought about this situation thousands of times, but now that it actually has taken place, I am at a loss. I'll try to do my job energetically. And I hope you will not be hurt by me.

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