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Kim Soohyun, Lee Minho, Lee Jongsuk and Park Haejin: Which Actor Do you Like the Most?

In Korea, 4 handsome hallyu stars, Kim Soohyun, Lee Minho, Lee Jongsuk and Park Haejin are considered as the most popular actors in foreign country. This time, let's take a poll about which of them is the most popular actor among foreign fans.(I've interviewed all of them and don't miss my comments about the 4 guys)

When I interviewed Kim Soohyun, I got an impression that he is a decent man. He tried to be polite, but he had sense of humor too. Since he debuted, many reporters have tried to pry into his private affairs but there has been nothing special, which means he's very strict in his self-discipline. Is he handsome? Yeah, of course. One of the most handsome celebrities I've ever met. He has very small face and perfect body proportion.

Lee Minho is self-confident but not arrogant. He has much pride in himself as an actor. He's manly and has a positive drive. And he can lead conversations with effective use of humor. In my opinion, he is well qualified for a boyfriend of the kpop queen, Suzy. It was interesting that the handsome guy thinks of himself as not being handsome enough.

I met Lee Jongsuk years ago, and he was not that popular then. However, it seemed that he was sure of success. He was young but he was not fluctuating between hopes and fears. He had an easy and composed attitude. And he is the thinnest actor I've ever met. I was so surprised because his legs are too thin.

Park Haejin is one of my closest celebrities. He looks better in real life. Actually, he lives a quite unexciting life. He films dramas and movies, and exercises in the gym. His only hobby is to collect shoes and Gundam models. Well, he is a right-minded man. He is friendly to everyone and doesn't hold his head high despite his great success.(His Mercedes-Benz van is really gorgeous)


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