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GFriend vs. Lovelyz: Which Pure and Innocent Girl Group Do You Like Better?

GFriend and Lovelyz are the two who stand out among numerous kpop rookie girl groups. The interesting thing is that both of them appeal to their fans with their pure and innocent image, and that's why the two girl groups are considered as the arch rivals in the world of kpop.

Well, the way how GFriend differentiates itself from the other pure and innocent girl groups is to show powerful and energetic performance on the stage. The slender girls catch eyes of people by showing tough and challenging dance performance, while their songs are very easy to sing along to. GFriend made two consecutive hits with their songs 'Glass Bead' and 'Me Gustas Tu' in 2015, and the group is now the strongest candidate for Rookie of the Year Award.

What Lovelyz is different from the other pure and innocent girl groups is that the group's music is unique and experimental. As you may know, famous Korean musician Yoon Sang produced the girl group's album, and the experimental musician's musical character is reflected in the album. Even though Lovelyz's songs are not as catchy as GFriend's, I want to praise Lovelyz's work.(To be exact, Yoon Sang and Woollim's work) The scandal surrounding Seo Ji Soo and people's bias against her are the problems for Lovelyz to overcome.

So, let's take a poll. Which pure and innocent girl group do you like better, GFriend or Lovelyz?
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