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Do you consider Running Man's Gary as just a funny guy?

Do you like the popular TV show 'Running Man'? And which member do you like the most among the 7 running men, Yoo Jaesuk, Haha, Song Jihyo, Gary, Kimg Jongkook, Lee Gwangsoo, and Ji Sukjin? Well, all the members are popular, but I think Gary is one of the most popular members. He is a funny guy with a dry sense of humor, while his special relationship with Song Jihyo a matter of great concern to the 'Running Man' fans.

However, Gary is not just a funny guy. He is a member of famous hip hop duo Leessang along with his best friend Gil, and he has been active as a competitive rapper in Korea since 1999. He has his own world of music, and his rhyme and flow as a rapper are definitely different from the other rappers. That's why he's been loved by so many people not only as an entertainer but also as a hip hop musician for a long time.

On September 21, Gary released his first ever solo full album. The album has a total of 10 tracks including 2 title songs, 'Get Some Air' and 'Butt'. Have you all listened to the songs? Well, the album is musically great and it has outstanding lyrics written by Gary.

I'm sorry I can't convey the exact feelings of the Korean lyrics to you. You know, even if I translate the lyrics, I can't convey the whole feelings and atmospheres of the songs. Actually, Gary's lyrics are of high quality and poetic. Many of rappers like to bluff but Gary doesn't. He's frank and straightforward when he raps.

In 'Get Some Air', Gary talks about parting with a woman. But it's not a common song about love and parting. Gary made the song special by talking about his own stories and experiences without using stories about others. The song includes lyrics such as "Love goes away and I'm just a man living alone. It's so easy for me to put in the right amount of water for ramen noodles. I sometimes talk to myself and I'm living with a lonely sofa. I watch TV drama movie before going to bed. Time just keeps passing even without you, and I keep my cell phone turned off because you will never call me."

And in 'Butt', Gary sings about a physical relationship between man and woman. So you remember Gary's solo song 'Shower Later' that was released in January 2014? Just like in the song, Gary describes about human desires and sex with straightforward and erotic expressions in 'Butt'. It is blatant but doesn't draw unwelcome attention.

Through the album '2002', Gary talks about all the things about his years of career as a rapper. When he began his career, he was paid only 300,000 won(about 255 USD) in return for rapping 8 bars. However, he now became a big shot who is paid tens of millions of won for 8 bars of his rap. He says he has achieved his dream and his final goal is to become a playboy who wanders the whole world.

One of the best kpop albums that are released in 2015! Gary certainly showed off his outstanding ability as a hip hop musician through the album.

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