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Which kpop girl group will be the queen of Korean wrestling?(POLL)

I'm sure you know about Idol Athletic Championship. Many of kpop idols participate in the championship and show off their healthy beauty. This year, 2015 Idol Athletic Championship will be aired in late September, while kpop idols will take part in the recording of the show from August 10-11 in Goyang indoor gymnasium.

By the way, MBC decided to add one special event to the championship. It's Ssireum. Ssireum(Korean wrestling) is a folk wrestling style and traditional national sport of Korea. In the modern form each contestant wears a belt that wraps around the waist and the thigh. Players can achieve victory by bringing any part of the opponent's body above the knee to the ground.

8 popular girl groups, Secret, T-ara, AOA, Apink, Girl's Day, Red Velvet, 9Muses, and EXID will participate in the tournament of 2015 Idol Athletic Championship's Ssireum event. So, which girl group do you think will be the queen of Ssireum?

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