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Stephanie says she's still on friendly terms with SM Entertainment

Stephanie made a comeback as a solo singer. The female singer who debuted as a member of four-member group The Grace in 2005, has started her solo career in 2012 by releasing 'Game' and recently joined hand with Mafia Record, home to DJ KOO and Wassup. Stephanie's new single, 'Prisoner' is her first collaborative work with Mafia Record. On August 11, the sexy female singer held a comeback showcase in Seoul and talked about her new song.

Q. You released your new song after a three-year hiatus. How have you been?
Stephanie: I've been in school. As you know, I released my solo song 3 years ago, but it was a commercial failure. So I had to think a lot about when I should make a comeback. I met the head of my current agency a year ago. I don't know why he sent a love call to me, but I was so grateful to him. Before receiving a love call from him, I almost gave up any chance to release a new album as a solo singer.

Q. You are considered as one of the most sexiest female singers in the kpop scene. Do you agree?
Stephanie: Actually, I've never tried to highlight my sexy image. I didn't wear revealing costumes. Instead, I have a lot of sexy things to show from now on. Through my new song 'Prisoner', I want to show gorgeous and sexy performance.

Q. Tell me about 'Prisoner'.
Stephanie: The song is about a woman who fell in dangerous love. It's funky, groovy, and has elements of rock ballad music too. I sang ballad music when I debuted as a member of The Grace and I attracted people's attention with my dance through various entertainment shows. This time, I want to focus on singing. The song is quite different from The Grace's song.

Q. How's your relationship with SM Entertainment now?(She's still part of SM Entertainment but made a consignment contract with Mafia Record)
Stephanie: I'm still supported by SM Entertainment. Before I debuted, Lee Soo Man named me as "Cheonmu," which means "dance of haven," and thanks to him, I could become known for my dance. I went to The Grace's Lina's wedding and cried my eyes out. I depend on her like she is my older sister. 

Q. How do you keep your body in shape?
Stephanie: I should wear a figure-hugging costume when I perform 'Prisoner'. It is made from latex. As I'm majoring in dance, I have to watch my figure constantly. I usually try to keep my body in shape doggedly.

Q. What's your goal as a solo singer?
Stephanie: When I debuted as an idol, I didn't know the importance of performing on stage at all. I was sitting around complaining at that time. Now I know how important it is. I do not want to be complacent, and I hope I will be able to become someone to be admired and emulated.

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