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3 Reasons Why Girls' Generation's Contraflow on Music Charts is So Special

Girls' Generation's new song 'Lion Heart' was released on August 18 2015. At first, it seemed that the song was a commercial failure because the song couldn't top Korean biggest online music chart, Melon. By the way, the song is attracting the attention of the public by moving up on the chart as time goes by. Of course, once in a while there were kpop stars who went against the flow and showed their contraflows on music charts such as Crayon Pop and EXID. However, Girls' Generation's contraflow is more special than theirs.

1. Weakened Infinite Challenge and SMTM4's Threatening Force
These days, songs of 'Infinite Challenge Music Festival' and 'Show Me The Money' are occupying top slots of online music charts. Famous kpop stars including Hyuna and VIXX LR released their new songs just before the broadcast of 'Infinite Challenge Music Festival', but failed to remain in the top 10 of music charts due to the great popularity of songs of the popular TV shows. In this situation, Girls' Generation is almost the only idol group who is in the top 10 of Melon.

2. Proved Popular Appeal of its Song
With no doubt, Girls' Generation is one of the most popular kpop girl groups. However, there have been some who disparage Girls' Generation's performance, saying the girl group's songs are just popular among Sones. Yeah, it's true some of Girls' Generation's songs were experimental and not as cute and lovely as other kpop girl groups' songs. So, before releasing 'Lion Heart', the biggest goal of the Girls' Generation members were to satisfy the public's taste for music.(The members talked about this when they held a press conference before releasing 'Party'.) Through its contraflow on music chart, Girls' Generation proved that its song has sufficient popular appeal.

3. Made a Grand Finale of a Great War of Kpop Girl Groups
In the summer of 2015, so many girl groups released their new albums and had a tough competition. We call this a great war of girl groups. Who do you think is the winner of the war? SISTAR's 'Shake it' was a huge success, while AOA did fairly well with its song 'Heart Attack'. Apink and Girl's Day gained popularity with their songs too. In this tough situation, the ninth-year girl group Girls' Generation could show off its undiminished power in the world of kpop through its contraflow on music chart.

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