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Uee says she will be in an open relationship if she dates Kwanghee

On July 6, After School's Uee attended a press conference for her drama 'High Society'. At the press conference, she caught eyes of people by talking about ZE:A's Kwanghee, who expressed his love to Uee in 'Infinite Challenge'. Park Hyungsik, Kwanghee's team mate, also attended the press conference and expressed expectations for a progress in the relationship between the two young idol stars.

Q. Do you keep in touch with Kwanghee?
Uee: He sends me a text at least once a day. He didn't visit the filming spot of my drama yet. He promised to do it but he got too busy. He told me I'd better wear a cap when I meet him, but I do not agree. I will not shield my face. I will put on makeup too. I will be in an open relationship if I date Kwanghee. I will reveal it through my SNS.

Q. Hyungsik, what do you think? Do you think there will be a progress in the relationship between Uee and Kwanghee?
Hyungsik: I was really surprised when Kwang talked to Uee in a baritone voice in 'Infinite Challenge'. I think he really likes Uee. He is more considerate than he looks. And he is a soft touch too. He couldn't visit the filming spot of 'High Society' yet because he didn't want to with empty hands. I thank Uee for not rejecting Kwanghee. Maybe Kwanghee is preparing for something now.

Q. Tell me your love style.
Uee: I confess my love first if I like somebody. However, it usually turns out to be a failure. I think I take a wrong approach. I want to fall in love with somebody who loves me the way I am. If I love somebody, I will share my love with him even if it is a dangerous love.

Q. Do you have Aegyo too?
Uee: No. Actually, I copied actress Lim Jiyeon's Aegyo in 'High Society', but the director told me not to do it. I hope I will be able to show my femininity some day.

Q. You filmed several times of kiss scenes with Sung Joon in 'High Society'. How was it?
Uee: Yeah, we filmed kiss scenes too often. We recently filmed another kiss scene, and I think it was something new.
Sung Joon: As we filmed kiss scenes too often, it does not appeal to me any more.(laugh)

Q. What do you think about Uee's acting?
Sung Joon: She is older than me, but she's younger than me as a character in the drama. She acts the character skillfully. When I met her for the first time, she told me to talk using the familiar form even though she's older than me.

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