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Top 5 Idol Stars Loved By Kpop Industry Officials

Many of kpop fans might be curious about idol stars' real personality. Well, idol stars are ordinary people too, so some of them have a good personality, while others don't. Then, who do you think is the idol star who has the best personality? The list below is based on my experience and idol stars' reputation in the kpop industry. Ok, here are top 5 idol stars who are loved by kpop industry officials because of their great personality.

"Girls' Generation's Yoona is a good-natured person. She's a sweetheart and has no enemies. When I saw her at a drinking party and press conference, she laughed readily and was so kind to people around her. And as you may know, she became the first member of Honor Society in 2015. Yoona has been helping out those in the low-income group every year through year-end donations since 2010."

"IU is an easy-going person. People in the world of kpop sometimes say that she doesn't look like a celebrity because she fits in well with any crowd. When I saw her at an interview and press conference, she was cheerful and lively, but at the same time polite and had an old head on young shoulders. As she suffered hard times when she was an unknown singer, she's very modest about her success."

"2PM's Taecyeon is a healthy young man. The positive guy has a sound principle and never acts conceited. When I met him at a drinking party, I was surprised that he was so simply dressed. He has proper etiquette and is always courteous to his superiors. That's why most of people who have worked with Taecyeon like him."

"BoA is a consistent person. Even though it has been 15 years since she debuted and she is now one of the biggest kpop stars, she is still maintaining her original intention. When I met her at a press conference, she laughed readily and answered to questions with a sincere attitude. Just like Yoona, she has no enemies in the world of kpop."

"SHINee's Minho is a pleasant young man. The handsome guy mixes well with the others. Especially, he is popular among men because he is manly and polite. I've never seen people who speak ill of him since I began my career as a journalist. When I met him at a press conference and SHINee's concert, he was so kind and nice to people around him. All the people who have worked with him say that they want to work with him again."

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