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Is Apink unable to go sexy or do they just want to be innocent for ever?

Apink made a comeback with its new song 'Remember'. The members give off their innocent charm again, while the girl group has been maintaining its pure and innocent concept since its debut in 2011. So, is Apink unable to go sexy or do they just want to be innocent for ever?

Let's see what Bomi talked about this first,

"We sometimes showed sexy performance, but nobody said it's sexy. They said we just pretend to be sexy. After becoming more mature, we will try to give off our natural sexy charm."

It is very notable that Apink became one of the most popular kpop girl groups without any lewd contents.(The girl group is considered as having the second largest fandom among kpop girl groups after Girls' Generation) Even though there are so many other girl groups who appeal to the masses with sexiness to take the initiative in the world of kpop, Apink never went sexy yet.

Well, it was very successful strategy. Apink was able to catch eyes of people because the group was almost the only kpop girl group who did not emphasize its suggestive costume and choreography.

And there's another reason why Apink is so loved by many people. When I reviewed Apink's hit 'LUV' before, I mentioned like this.

The repetitive chorus of 'LUV' including the lyrics "L.O.V.E LUV" is very very catchy, and the rhythm and melody of the song are easy to learn, while Korean music fans who are familiar to 90s-style kpop girl group music, may feel like they've listened to the song before. These days, there's very few Kpop girl groups who release songs that have a simple, retro-style melody just like APink. In this way, APink was able to differentiate it from other girl groups, and took the initiative in the world of Kpop.

The same would be true of 'Remember'. The song's chorus is very catchy, while the rhythm and melody of the song are easy to learn. That's why not only its fans but also the general public like Apink's song.
Here's Chorong's comments about it.

"Whenever we prepare for our album, we talk about it a lot. If we make a big change in it, people say it's not like Apink's music. But we do not want to release boring music either. So, it's important for us to make a proper change in our music. I can say 'Remember' is cheerful and lively Apink music."

By the way, Apink needs a big change sometime or other. They can't be pure and innocent for ever. I'm not saying they have to go sexy. They need to show their musical growth. Even through they made success of many songs, there has been no remarkable growth in their music.

"The same applies to the other kpop girl groups. This summer, various girl groups including SISTAR and AOA released their new songs. However, I can't see any growth in their music. They just keep repeating the same formulas to survive the competition in the world of kpop. I think such girl groups have already reached the limits. It's time for a change."

Check out Eunji and Naeun's comments.

"Hayoung took parting in writing lyrics of 'What a boy wants' and Chorong wrote lyrics of 'Dejavu', while 'Promise U' is my own song. I'm happy that my own song is included in the album, and the members will try to take much more part in our album in the future." - Eunji

"After 'Remember topped all the online music charts, we shouted our joy. We owe our fans everything. I hope we will be able to give our fans a lot of pleasure for a long time." - Naeun

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