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Infinite wants to show "Naked Body" through its new album

On July 13, Infinite made a comeback with its new song 'BAD'. Have you all listened to the song? The impressive track is a mixture of different music genres including hip hop, EDM, and classic, and through the song, you can see how much the 6th-year boy group grew up as a competitive kpop artist. At the Olympic Hall in Seoul Olympic Park, the boy group held a press conference and talked about its new album. As always, the members were cheerful and energetic, while their performance on stage was very charismatic. Park Gyung Rim, who is very close with the Infinite members was the host of the showcase.

Q. It has been a year since you released your album as a 7-member group. I guess you are filled with emotion after finally releasing the album.
Sungkyu: As we took a long break after our last album, we cared much about our song, hair style, and costumes. Oh, Sungyeol got a perm.
Sungyeol: I had my hair permed for my upcoming new drama 'D-Day'.

Q. Oh, by the way, Dongwoo, your new hair style is similar with Big Bang Daesung's.
Dongwoo: Well, I didn't imitate somebody's hair style. I just wanted to express deep feelings on stage.

Q. Please tell me about your new album.
Sungkyu: The album is titled "Reality" and shows who we are at present.
L: It's so happy to meet Inspirit along with the other members after a long interval. I want to show our image change as soon as possible.
Woohyun: We've prepared for the album for a long time. We started recording our songs in January. There were so many good tracks and we chose the title track very carefully.

Q. Don't you feel some pressure about the success of the album?
Hoya: Frankly speaking, we didn't feel any pressure. We are just excited about our comeback. Spending time with our fans is very precious to us.

Q. Your body is in amazing shape.
Hoya: I have anger inside me and it is expressed on my muscles of arm. No, actually, I didn't work out for long. Sungkyu, you need to work out, by the way.

Q. Sungyeol, is there anything special you did to prepare for the album?
Sungyeol: I practice singing a lot. I hope the practice will pay off.(Dongwoo laughed at this moment)

Q. Dongwoo, why do you laugh?
Dongwoo: I laughed just because He's so cute.

Q. Can you tell me about your new album in a word?
Hoya: It's "Naked Body." We'll show everything about us.
Woohyun: Yeah, it's "Real."
L: It's a "Crystal." We clinched our teeth.

Q. The title track 'BAD' is about a bad woman. Have you ever fallen in love with bad woman?
Sungkyu: Yes, but it's water under the bridge now. I once loved a bad woman and was attracted to her. I want to tell her to lead a good life.

Q. If your song claims the top spot on various music chart shows, what will you do for your fans?
Woohyun: I think Hoya will show his "Naked Body."
Hoya: What?
Sungjong: How about wearing a horse mask?(One of the members said they can't do it because Dongwoo is already wearing a horse mask on his face)
Hoya: OK, we'll release a special choreography video.

Q. Woohyun, which group do you like better, Toheart or Infinite?
Woohyun: Toheart? I've just forgotten about Toheart because it has been a long time since the group's album was released, haha. I think there were too many things I had to do because Toheart has only 2 members. I feel better when I perform on stage with all the Infinite members. We're like a family.
Sungkyu: Dongwoo and Hoya released Infinite H's album, while I made a comeback as a solo singer and Infinite F released their album too. However, Woohyun had no chance to perform on stage for a long time. He spent time playing soccer.
Woohyun: Frankly speaking, I forgot how to put on my inear headphones. I will try to get used to things soon.

Q. Sungkyu, do you think your activity as a solo singer had a effect on your team?
Sungkyu: I think it had a positive effect on the team. It is a stimulus for us. I live with Hoya and Dongwoo, and we talked a lot about Infinite H's album and my solo album. By the way, I removed my eye-line when I released my solo album, but I can't when I perform on stage as a member of Infinite. All of the other members of my team are handsome, but I'm not. I think I can cause a damage to the team.

Q. Except for Hoya and Dongwoo, were there any members who gave advice about your solo album?
Sungkyu: L said he is looking forward to my next solo album. He looks indifferent but he always gives objective comments on my album. Actually, I always review his acting objectively too, haha.

Q. Don't you want to release your solo album, Woohyun?
Woohyun: Honestly, I want to release my solo album too. My parents always ask me about it. I will release my solo album some time or other.

Q. What do you think is the secret of your long-run as a 6th-year group?
Sungyeol: Our team work is in perfect harmony
Woohyun: We always try to be together with our fans.
Sungkyu: I can say with confidence that we are one of the most experienced kpop groups because we held so many concerts.

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