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How to have a sexy body like Girl's Day Yura

Many kpop idol stars catch eyes of people by showing off their perfect bodies. Among idol stars I've ever seen, I think Girl's Day's Yura is the one who has the sexiest body.(Yura, NS Yoon-G, and Afterschool's Nana are my top 3) So, do you want to have a sexy body like Yura? Here are some tips.

1. Eat less: Yura has only one meal a day. She usually eats Korean meal with the other Girl's Day members in a waiting room. You should remember that she eats less then individual portion.

2. Make a long-term plan: I said Yura eats only one meal a day. Do you think it's possible to do so for a long period of time? No. The important thing is to diet consistently. Yura drinks milk or juice if she's too hungry. And she has light refreshments to alleviate her hunger.

3. Do exercise: Yura is not just skinny. She has sexy and athletic body. If you want to have a body like her, you should exercise regularly. Yura exercises about 2 hours each day.

4. Increase physical activity: Yura has a hectic schedule almost every day. She sings and dances again and again. Performing a dance music on stage requires a high level of physical fitness. You should be as active as her if you want to have a body like her.

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