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Will 2NE1 be really disbanded?

Have you watched the news about 2NE1's disband? On June 6, a Korean media outlet Chic News reported that 2NE1 will be disbanded. Of course, after the report, YG denied the possibility of 2NE1's disband, stating, "It is an absurd report."

So, what do you think? Do you think 2NE1 will be disbanded?

"I don't want to talk behind someone's back, but I think I need to tell you all the things this time. Chic News, which reported about 2NE1's disband is not the dependable media outlet at all. Nobody in the kpop world knows about the media outlet and they do not actually cover the cases of kpop stars. The original report by the media outlet was really absurd. According to the report, they got the information from a YG staff, but they also wrote, "We tried to contact YG, but YG didn't answer the phone." Do you think it makes sense? The reason why YG didn't answer the media outlet's phone call was that YG didn't even know about the existence of the media outlet, while YG doesn't need to answer many phone calls from anybody and everybody.(I even wonder if the media outlet knows how to get in touch with YG staffs) Then, what do you think the 2NE1 members are doing these days? CL is preparing for her debut album in the United States, while Sandara Park recently appeared on KBS' drama 'Producer'. Park Bom and Minzy are preparing for 2NE1's upcoming new album. It is expected that 2NE1 will release its new album within this year. 2NE1 will not be disbanded, for the time being, at least."


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