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The reason why so many kpop girl groups come back in summer

So many famous kpop girl groups make comeback this summer. SISTAR, AOA, and MAMAMOO already released their new albums, while Girl's Day, 9 Muses, APink and Girls' Generation will make comeback too. I'm sure it's good news for many kpop fans. By the way, do you ever wonder why so many kpop girl group come back in summer?

The hot weather of summer always tempts girl groups to expose their hot bodies, while cheerful dance music usually gain great popularity in summer. Yeah, summer is the perfect season for girl groups to give off their sexy charm. Secondly, we have many festivals in autumn, while the festivals are the major sources of income for girl groups. The groups should release their new songs in summer and make money in autumn by performing the songs at a variety of festivals. Thirdly, oh this is just for this year. Big Bang announced that it will release new songs on the first day of each month from May to September. As you know, Big Bang is the biggest group in Korea, and Girl groups should avoid the group. That's one of the reasons why many girl groups release their new albums around the same time.

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