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BTOB Yook Sungjae says he likes girl groups too

BTOB made a comeback with its first full album on June 29. The album, title, 'Complete', has a total of 13 songs including the title track 'It's OK'. The boy group held a comeback showcase event in Seoul and talked about the album. Let's see how the BTOB members think about their first ever full album.

Q. Why did you choose 'It's OK' as the title track of your first full album? Isn't it uncommon for an idol group to choose ballad song as title track?
Changsub: When we were preparing for the album, we were so confident. We weren't even afraid when the album was released. I think we can show what we can do best through the album.
Eunkwang: When we listened to 'It's OK' for the first time, all of the members thought that it's really great song. The song really matches well with BTOB's style.
Hyunsik: The song has empathic lyrics and sweet melody. It is an earnest song.
Peniel: It has been 4 years since we debuted, and we finally released our first full album. It is more meaningful that the members took part in making the album.
Minhyuk: We thank our fans for waiting. Before releasing the album, just the thought of it made my heart flutter.

Q. Did you prepare any choreography for the ballad track?
Peniel: It's not fancy dance, but we will show new performance by using chairs and mic stands on stage.
Eunkwang: It is very emotional choreography. I want you to listen to the lyrics carefully and be healed by the song.

Q. Tell me about the music video of the song.
Sungjae: We've usually shown our group dances through our music videos. But all the members acted this time. The music video is about overcoming hardships.

Q. Sungjae, you've appeared on some dramas. Did you advise the other members how to act?
Sungjae: I don't think I act very well. All the members took acting lessons from same teacher. The other members do better than me, but they had no chance to show it. All the members acted really well in the music video. By the way, I think Eunkwang tries to look cute as he grows older.

Q. Sungjae, you are loved by so many people these days. You attracted people's attention by appearing on 'King of Masked Singer' and 'We Got married'.
Sungjae: I couldn't expect to gain popularity in such a short time. I'm nothing. It's an honor, and I feel responsible for what I do and what I say. I will work harder.
Eunkwang: Sungjae's success is a great motivation for the other members.

Q. Popular kpop girl groups such as SISTAR, AOA, and MAMAMOO are now promoting their new albums, while other famous girl groups including APink, Girls' Generation, Girl's Day, and 9 Muses will made comeback too. What do you think of the competition with the girl groups?
Changsub: I hope all the girl groups will be able to be healed by our song.
Eunkwang: I think we can differentiate ourselves from the girl groups because we released this kind of sweet song in summer.
Sungjae: We want to appeal to our fans by showing our singing ability and giving a heartwarming feeling. I don't want to compete with the girl groups. I like girl groups too.

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